These html pages are based on the PhD thesis "Cluster-Based Parallelization of Simulations on Dynamically Adaptive Grids and Dynamic Resource Management" by Martin Schreiber.
There is also more information and a PDF version available.

Chapter 4
Serial implementation

This chapter describes the development of the non-parallel simulation based on the stack- and stream-based grid traversals following the Sierpiński SFC. We present interface demands to run discontinuous Galerkin simulations on dynamically adaptive grids and to visualize the results. This serial implementation is the basis of the parallel development described in the next chapter.

 4.1 Grid generation with refinement trees
 4.2 Stacks
 4.3 Stack-based communication
  4.3.1 SFC-labeled grid generation
  4.3.2 Communication access order and edge types
  4.3.3 Edge-based communication and edge-buffer stack
  4.3.4 Vertex-based communication
 4.4 Classification of data lifetime
 4.5 Stack- and stream-based simulation on a static grid
  4.5.1 Required stacks and streams
  4.5.2 DG simulation with stacks and streams
  III  Forward traversal:
  Forward traversal:
  Traversal-intermediate processing:
  Traversal-intermediate processing:
  Backward traversal:
  Backward traversal:
  4.5.3 Non-destructive streams
 4.6 Adaptivity
  4.6.1 Refinement
  4.6.2 Coarsening
  4.6.3 Termination of adaptivity traversals
  III  Joining adaptivity and time step traversals
  Joining adaptivity and time step traversals
 4.7 Verification of stack-based edge communication
 4.8 Higher-order time stepping: Runge-Kutta
 4.9 Software design, programmability and realization
  4.9.1 Framework and application layer
  4.9.2 Simulation driver
  4.9.3 Grid traversals and kernels
  4.9.4 Kernel interfaces
  4.9.5 Code generator
 4.10 Optimization
  4.10.1 Parameter unrolling
  4.10.2 Recursive grid traversal and inlining
  4.10.3 Adaptivity automaton
  4.10.4 CPU SIMD optimizations for inter-cell computations (fluxes)
  4.10.5 Structure of arrays for cell-local computations
  4.10.6 Prospective stack allocation
 4.11 Contributions