These html pages are based on the PhD thesis "Cluster-Based Parallelization of Simulations on Dynamically Adaptive Grids and Dynamic Resource Management" by Martin Schreiber.
There is also more information and a PDF version available.

Chapter 3
Requirements and related work

Based on the discretization to solve the hyperbolic system of equations, we continue with a requirement analysis for our development. These requirements are mainly driven by the considered simulation and the underlying hardware. This is followed by a short introduction to the SFCs and a presentation of the related work.

 3.1 Simulation: grid, data and communication management
 3.2 HPC requirements
 3.3 Space-filling curves
 3.4 Related work
  3.4.1 Dynamic mesh partitioning
  3.4.2 Simulation software including grid generation
  3.4.3 Related software development
  3.4.4 Impact on and from related work