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Hyperbeer - drink more beer!

Hyperbeer was one of my first larger projects. Its aim was to control distributed render clients (hbdisplay) by a GUI based server client (hbserver). E. g. on the first screenshot, you can see how easy it is just to add a new server. If there's no connection to a server in the list, the program tries to connect every second.

The communication protocol is based on strings and TCP/UDP protocol.

Meanwhile, there are much more modules than those on the screenshots (e. g. a mouse cursor, particle effects, etc.).

There won't be any further development of this project. However the implemented features are:
- client - server based render programs
- stereoscopic view / fully configurable (second/third screenshot)
- remote rendering
- modules (.so) based - easy extendable
- GTK GUI for easy interface - see screenshots! (developed with libglade)
- communication protocol (actions, data, time synchronization, ...)
- thread based texture loading
- shader programs programming interface
- OpenGL based - ...