Sierpiński Framework

"Tsunami on dynamic adaptive cubed sphere grid"

"Honshu / Tohoku Tsunami"


"Arbitrary domain triangulation and wireframe"

This Sierpiński Framework is an open source software to solve hyperbolic equations on dynamically changing fully-adaptive conforming 2D triangular grids. A kernel based way to solve hyperbolic problems and to apply steering during simulation is offered.

The research is driven by SFC index computation free dynamic adaptivity, Cluster based simulations as well as Cluster based load balancing and data migration for shared- and distributed memory systems.

With our novel cluster based parallelization, our domain is split into several non-overlapping chunks of connected cells. The heuristic we employ for efficient decomposition is based on space-tree splits along the Sierpiński SFC, thus its applicability is also given for some other SFCs. The communication pattern used in this framework offer highly-efficient communication buffers by dynamically updated run-length encoded communication patterns for edges and vertices shared by adjacent cluster. Furthermore, highly efficient data migration due to quasi-optimal compact storage of cluster payload and communication data stored implicitly is implemented.

The goal is not only to give a convenient way to express this kind of problems (aka software engineering) but also to consider aspects of efficiency as well as scalability (aka HPC computing).

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests.

This work is partly supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) as part of the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre "Invasive Computing" (SFB/TR 89).