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Weather and climate related videos

Weather and climate simulations pose one of the biggest challenges in scientific computing.

  • Coupling complexity:
    Although the basic simulation is on the movement of gas in our atmosphere, such simulations require incorporation (coupling) of effects of ocean simulations, ice sheets, radiation physics, etc.
  • Modeling complexity:
    Modeling the climate and weather is a still ongoing challenge to improve the numerical quality and reliability of simulations.
  • High-performance computing complexity:
    Current and ongoing changes of high-performance computing architectures require a (partly fundamentally) redesign of legacy codes.
  • Wall clock time challenge:
    This is likely the most severe restriction: Producing results within a particular time frame.

In addition to the previously announced challenges, there is the unstoppable demand of increased accuracy.

I'm convinced that only a holistic approach involving all previously described aspects can lead to a long-term success. Therefore, I'm focusing on many of these aspects at the same time.

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