These html pages are based on the PhD thesis "Cluster-Based Parallelization of Simulations on Dynamically Adaptive Grids and Dynamic Resource Management" by Martin Schreiber.
There is also more information and a PDF version available.


First of all, I like to thank my supervisor Hans-Joachim Bungartz for supporting and encouraging me during this work. I’m also grateful to many colleagues involved in the feedback process of this thesis and like to mention all of them: Alexander Breuer, Benjamin Peherstorfer, Christoph Riesinger, Konrad Waldherr, Philipp Neumann, Sebastian Rettenberger, Tobias Neckel, Tobias Weinzierl. Thank you all for your valuable feedback! My special thanks goes to my family for their ongoing support.

The software development of this thesis is based on many open-source products and I like to thank all developers who published their code as open source. For sake of reproducibility, the source code related to this thesis as well as the related publications is also available at one the following URLs: