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Diplomathesis: Program documentation / GUI / keystrokes


For developers, there is a doxygen documentation: Doxygen Documentation

Mouse interaction

If you start the program, the first thing you should do is to deactivate the GUI by pressing [space] to start playing around.

Keeping the left mouse button pressed while moving the mouse, the scene is rotated around the fluid center. You can rotate the fluid domain itself with the middle mouse button. The right mouse button is able to rotate the table below the fluid. Use wheel up/down to move towards or away from the fluid.


When starting the program with activated GUI (runtime parameter -g), there are several keystrokes available:

[space]Show/hide GUI
oDeactivate the yellow status window
qQuit program
wFullscreen on/off (NOT WORKING, experimental!!!)
eReset view & rotations
jPause simulation
kReset simulation
lStop copying simulation fluid fraction to visualization
rReload shaders
aDisplay/hide bunny
fDisplay/hide sphere
zVolume tracing: simple
xVolume tracing: interpolated
cVolume tracing: cube steps
vVolume tracing: marching cubes
iRender light space frustum
IView through light space frustum
[Page up]Zoom in
[Page down]Zoom out

GUI documentation:

The GUI can be shown/hidden by pressing the [space] key. I didn't remove the experimental features, so be careful when "(experimental)" is appended at a feature.

Most features should be self explaining. To modify the number values, you can either scroll over it and use your mouse wheel for modifications or you leave your left mouse button pressed and move your mouse.

Only specific things are explained in the following tables:

Marching Cubes
HP shaded (R)Histopyramids only using Red color channel
HP shaded (RGBA, GL_INTEROPS)Histopyramids using RGBA channels and GL_INTEROPS to avoid cpu bottleneck
Simulation control
viscosityWhen modifying the viscosity and other parameters, you'll have to look at the inv_tau value in the yellow debug window (press 'o').
The closer this value gets to 1.9, the more unstable the simulation gets. Also keep this value away from 0.
mass exchange factorexperimental, deactivated for current release
Normalize simulation:The fluid mass of the interface cells are scaled so that the fluid mass in the domain is set slightly towards the initial mass.