These html pages are based on the PhD thesis "Cluster-Based Parallelization of Simulations on Dynamically Adaptive Grids and Dynamic Resource Management" by Martin Schreiber.
There is also more information and a PDF version available.

7.4 Results


Figure 7.3: Dynamic resource distribution with four concurrently executed multigrid algorithms. The huge gap represents the first v-cycle of all applications [BRS+13].

To evaluate the feasibility of dynamical reassignment of compute resources with concurrently running applications, we setup a test environment on a 40-core HPC system to show the functionality of the dynamic resource redistribution. Four multigrid applications, which are started concurrently (see Sec. 8.4), compute the same simulation of a laser engraving symbols on a metal plate, see Fig. 7.2. The feasibility of the dynamic resource redistribution is shown in Fig 7.3.

Here, the v-cycle of the gray application is clearly visible, whereas the resources in the claims of the other applications are not immediately released. Due to hardware issues, an evaluation on the invasive System is not possible, yet.