These html pages are based on the PhD thesis "Cluster-Based Parallelization of Simulations on Dynamically Adaptive Grids and Dynamic Resource Management" by Martin Schreiber.
There is also more information and a PDF version available.

Appendix A

 A.1 Hyperbolic PDEs
  A.1.1 Gauss Lobatto Points
  A.1.2 Jacobi polynomials
  A.1.3 Mass Matrix
  A.1.4 Stiffness matrices
  A.1.5 Flux matrices
  A.1.6 Butcher tableau
  A.1.7 Rotational invariance of Euler equations
 A.2 Test platforms
  A.2.1 Platform Intel
  A.2.2 Platform AMD
  A.2.3 Platform MAC Cluster